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january 2005

spam iambs

don't you want to meet wives that cheat?

all the guys think it's so neat!

i do not want your cheating wives.

all your emails give me hives.

do you want this one at your house?

she'll sneak in quiet like mouse!

i do not want her at my house.

i think you are a shameless louse.

do you you want this one at the beach?

she's ripe just like a georgia peach!

i do not want her at the beach.

i think you are an evil leech.

do you want this one at her place?

she'll let you [censored]!

i do not want her at her place.

i think you are a great disgrace.

do you want to meet in a motel?

i swear that i will never tell!

i do not want to go to a motel.

but i sure wish you'd just go to hell!

ps: no rolexes, life insurance policies, or erectile dysfunction aids either, thanks.

5 jan 2005

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