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dec 2004

i truly believe you will get yours eventually.

Last week I got a spam email that came as close to making me physically ill as about anything I've ever seen.

It advertised a web site with pornographic content involving young children.

It's currently legal in the United States (although certainly not everywhere) to write about such things. If the web site contained only textual material it would not necessarily break any laws. But I certainly had no inclination to look at the web site to see if its content was technically illegal or not. I did a little research to see what I should do, and submitted relevant information from the spam email to watchdog groups. I was scrupulously accurate in my description; I was careful to indicate that I was not 100% certain the site content was illegal, that I had not accessed the site itself, but that I was nonetheless very disturbed by the content of the email.

Within 48 hours, spammers began sending hoaxed emails advertising pedophilic web sites and magazines from what appeared to be one of my former email addresses. If all of this material is as it is described in the emails, much of it is definitely illegal. I know because my server has been overwhelmed with bounce messages indicating that many of these emails can not be delivered. I have no idea how many people are opening their mailboxes to see these messages that appear to originate from me; it's probably in the hundreds if not thousands.

Is it a coincidence? Could be. It's not the first time I've had problems with spammers impersonating emails from a domain I administered.

Does it seem fishy? It does to me.

It's tricky to tell when all you have to analyze are bounce messages, but I believe that some or all of the messages may either originate from or be relayed through the following IP addresses:

In the mean time, if you get a message from an email address that I discontinued using in June advertising "lolita" content or worse ... it's not from me.

Peace and greetings of the season be with most of you. The rest of you ... well...

(karma can be a bitch.)

17 dec 2004

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