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the pathetic caverns - music by artist - The Paper Chase

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Pledge Drive,

I Gave At the Office


Pledge Drive see-saws alarmingly between the amiably artless vocals of Tim Walters delivering growling, edgy post-punk with wry, surreal lyrics ("Everyone wants a kiss from Dracula/Everyone wants a cure for scrofula") and songs with a celtic/madrigal/Fairport Convention-esque sort of quality, mostly sung by Rebecca Marculescu, who has the substantial range and clear tone this sort of music requires. Playing this disc straight through feels a little like having two EPs set on shuffle play, but the band is convincing in both modes -- neither are treated with condescesion -- and Walters' dulcimer provides a bit of unlikely musical continuity to weld the two halves of the band together. The remarkable packaging also deserves special mention -- it mixes translucent and transparent pieces to very nice effect.

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