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the pathetic caverns - music by artist - Heros Severum

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Heros Severum

"Grounded...Like a Prop Plane" b/w "From Foot to Foot"

(Two Sheds Music, 2001)

What we have here is an indie post-punk trio sort of noise; guitar, guitar, drums, and everybody sings. Jeff Cummings' deft kick-work and some sly low-E-string riffs sometimes almost fool the ear into almost hearing a bass, but mostly the attack is harsh and mid-rangey. The A-side has a little too easy a chord structure for my taste and its sing-songy vocals didn't compell me, but the B-side is primo stuff, buzzy jangle somewhere in the territory of Mission of Burma and early Gang of Four, with cool overlapping vocal parts and a good sense of dynamics in the instrumental breaks. On both cuts the band displays an interesting structural sense, buring the catchier, more chorus-y bits deep in their tunes. Promising.

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