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New Morning Pulse

(Urinine, 2003)

New Morning Pulse doesn't quite match the herky-jerky marionettes-of-a-mad-puppeteer freneticism of Harris's live show, but the good news is that tunes like "Literal" are interesting on their own without the visual element. Harris haven't reached their destination yet -- the vocal delivery needs sharpening, the phrasing is sometimes awkward, and if "Selling Dirt to Deadbeats" is crammed with a few too many ideas and goes on too long, the hardcore exercise "Burn This Mother Down" could probably use a change-up or two. But these are the kinks you expect young bands to work out as they evolve, and where Harris seems to be headed is an interesting place: an everything-goes collision of indie, punk, emo, and math rock styles. The band should lose the sexist bio at their website pronto, though -- even if it's meant as a joke, it's one of the things they should grow out of.

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