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The Ditty Mu

First Suckling

(Pop de Merde, 2002)

Bad idea department: Say your band has two boring songwriters, one male, one female. Neither can sing very well. The gal's lyrics are markedly better than the guy's, but not enough to redeeem the tired compositions. Her songs are rooted in acoustic blues; his are color-by-numbers rock not much enlivened by weird arrangements. Segregate the writers' songs onto two seperate discs. Substitute sloppy and half-assed performances for energy. Cover up the bad vocals with artificially low-fi recording techniques. Sprinkle goofy samples liberally.

Note to band: if you alternated singers and threw out half the songs, it would have taken longer to determine how little merit your record has.

Oh, and: "Pop of Shit?" well, if you insist ...

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