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More Life More Trouble

(Abstrakt Reality, 2001)

Maybe it's supposed to be a joke? If you don't pay much attention to this, it sounds like it could be targeted for the set who sent the Dance Diva du Jour into platinum land: lotsa torchy vocals and programmed beats. But if you actually listen closely, it gets awfully weird. Darja Klancar's pitch isn't terribly steady, some of the keyboard and drum sounds would have sounded cheesy even back in the height of the disco era, and the heavy metal guitar riffs seem woefully out of place whenever they pop up. Klancar also should've stuck to lyrics in her native tongue -- she thanks her English teacher in the liner notes, but she should sue for a refund; the results are sometimes so akward they're confusing ("big thoughts from open shell/just this moment/my timely superstition") and sometimes just embarrassing ("he needed my love/thought i was a bird/I'd give him whole world/you think it would hurt?"). Here's the big problem: as weird as it is, it's also just as vapid, disposable and, ultimately, annoying, as any of its obvious influences -- just not as well produced. So it may be a joke, but it's not funny.

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