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No Means Yes

(Two Sheds, 2002)

Originally I was going to pull my punches on this review, because I thought it was a bit too mean. But after thinking about for several days I decided there was a slim chance it could do the band good. So: there's nothing horrible about most of this EP, it's just uninspired and uninspiring. Singer Kelly Sirmans sounds like she's trying just a little bit too hard, which usually puts me off. But then track 5 opens with about a minute of feedback skronk and looped noise, and I started paying a bit more attention. And after the track proper ends, there are a few minutes of a very, very loose jam with bass, drums and percussion. It sounds like maybe the band was running tape trying to get some sounds, down, and then overdubbed some stuff on top of it. It certainly doesn't sound particularly "composed." But it also sounds fresher and more interesting than the rest of the EP. It sounds like they had fun doing it. And it suggests to me that Crybaby might be better off not trying to mould themselves into an undistinguished indie rock band, and that it might be worth finding out what their natural form would sound like.

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