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the pathetic caverns - music by artist - Choking Ahogo

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Choking Ahogo

Radars and Maps

(Victim Records, 2003)

Radars and Maps is competently played and recorded indie rock. There's nothing especially wrong with it, but it seems a little generic even when reminding me of bands I like better. Peter Wagner's high, reedy, and slightly quavery voice is a bit like The Connells' Doug MacMillan, although Wagner brings more punk/emo grit to his performance. The intro riff to "Spring Reverb" is almost Big Dipperish. I'm not keen on its lyric -- yet another song about a guy killing his girlfriend, I think -- but I like the line "I've got spring reverb, makes bigger space around me." The band played the South by Southewst (SXSW) festival in 2004, indicating that some people find more to like here than I did. I thought the slide guitar-accented, slow-building "Deep Little Bee Sting" and "Scenester's Lament" were the most interesting tracks.

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