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The Casket Lottery

Survival is for Cowards

(Second Nature, 2002)

So I put this disc in my CD player, and it sorta stayed there for a while. I'd go to put something on, and "Survival" would be sitting there, and I'd kinda think, "Yeah, okay, I'll just listen to that." It's worn much better than I would ever have guessed. I think the last disc to enjoy the stuck-in-the-player privilege was Fugazi's Argument.

I haven't really figured out what Nathan Ellis is screaming (and singing, but mostly screaming) about, and the melodies aren't the sort you'd find yourself humming in the shower. But it's recorded, mixed and arranged with real care; the songs have distinct personalities, good dynamics, varied rhythms, a lot of motion and interest. It's not at all bloated, either: only two of the ten songs break the four minute barrier -- which means when it's done, I want to hear more, not less. Far above average.

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