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Blumpkin Nation

The Invisible Movie Soundtrack

(Penny Nation, 2003)

Call me cynical, but I'm tempted to wonder, the press kit aside, if The Invisible Movie Soundtrack might be meant to sound more like a demo reel for soundtrack services than an album to actually sit down and listen to. I don't mean any slur by that; once I had occasion to hire a composer friend to write something that was vaguely like the introduction to an Enya composition we could never have afforded to license; another of the very punkest of my friends once strapped on a guitar for an ad to get as close to the signature riff of "Lust for Life" as he could without, you know, infringing. And in that vein The Invisible Movie Soundtrack shows impressive breadth and considerable skill. Mostly it's variations on modern R&B styles, but the way the piano walks up to the chorus in "Disappear" fairly screams "Beatles" and "Green Song #5" (especially in the instrumental version that's one of several bonus tracks) rocks out like Fishbone's stomping rendition of "Freddy's Dead." Elsewhere my notes say "Beach Boys" and "Fripp??" And if I treat this as a demo rather than a record, I'm less inclined to worry about the goofiness of some of the writing (my favorite line, from "EZ Girl," was "When I tell you how I feel, don't you be queasy, girl") since the words would be replaced by the client's message anyway.

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