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the pathetic caverns - music by artist - Ball in the House

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Ball in the House

The Way It Has To Be

(Ball in the House, 2001)

Ball in the House play standard-issue boy-band R&B with a pinch of rap, but don't accuse them of not playing their instruments -- every sound on The Way It Has To Be is produced by one of the band-member's mouths. I suppose this might be entertaining live -- they are good singers, after all -- but if you're going to foist a record on people, it ought to be able to transcend a performance gimmick. This one doesn't; it's just about as vapid and over-earnest as any of the Backstreet Sync names that come to mind, but without the million dollar production gloss, and without any discernable irony, even on the cover of Culture Club's "Karma Chameleon," which desperately needs some.

I also suppose they might be cute, if that's your thing. But then you'd be better off buying a poster anyhow -- the pictures would be bigger, and you wouldn't have to worry that someone might put the CD in and play it by mistake.

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