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1995, D: Kevin Reynolds; S: Peter Rader & David Twohy

Mindless, but fun in a mindless kind of way -- but then, I like Errol Flynn movies. This certainly was not as good as the worst Errol Flynn movie I've seen, but it did have a few satisfying moments of thievery from -- er, homage to -- the great swashbuckler. And you gotta admit, the boat is cool, and the big floating set, as riciculously extravagant as it was, is one of the most impressive sets you will ever see. Had gobs of fun picking holes in the plot afterwards -- probably about as much fun as watching the movie.

Warning: possible spoilers follow. Stop reading now to avoid spoilers, or scroll down to see them.

Nits and spoilers for Waterworld:
So is the kid the Dalai Lama, or what? Seriously, isn't that Tibet that she comes home to!?
Interestingly non-Judeo/Christian implication for such a mainstream flick, I thought.

My favorite plot holes in Waterworld (feel free to send me some more...)

but hey -- that sailboat was way cool.

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