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Doom Generation -- "A heterosexual movie by Greg Araki."

1995, D & S: Greg Araki

Like The Living End, Araki's new film concerns an enigmatic maniac who somehow ensnares someone relatively normal -- a couple in "Generation," actually -- in increasingly bizarre circumstances. Much of the flick is engagingly surreal. It has wonderful bits of fake TV, everything ever purchased in the film totals $6.66, a head continues to speak after being removed from its body, etc. And the sexual tension between the three main characters is thick and juicy every which way. However, the film's over-the-top make-Pulp Fiction-look-like-Bambi violence is really a bit much to take. The final sequence, in which anti-gay violence comes to a nasty head is sickening. I'm sure it's meant to be sickening, but I get tired of being sickened. Ultimately, the point seems to be that there is no point. Well, duh. I'm as much of a Nihilist as the next guy, honest, but these themes are not new. They're not done badly but I don't think this film is anywhere near as original, perceptive or deep as many critics are giving it credit for.

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