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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

1997, D:M. Jay Roach; S:Mike Myers

I spent some time in the last week of the year catching up on some of the major releases that i missed in the theaters. Austin Powers, which came recommended by several friends, was the last of the bunch.

Mike Myers plays both the swinging, bad-toothed, super agent (and hip fashion photog) Austin "Danger" Powers and his arch nemesis, Dr. Evil, and hams it up in both roles.

Many of the best bits involved Dr. Evil's cloned "son," Scott Evil, who goes to therapy sessions with his reconstituted dad and offers good (but not, of course, taken) advice an how to deal with an arch-nemesis that one has just captured. And the moment after which Dr. Evil announces to his henchpeople assembled that he intends to hold the world ransom for "one...million...dollars" is definitely cute, as his bewilderment when the henchfolks patiently explain that there already is a hole in the ozone layer, rendering the sun's radiation more harmful, making it a bad thing with which to threaten the U.N..

But while this was good for some chuckles, i don't think it was nearly as good as the Get Smart episode in which Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 get dosed at some hip London go-go club.

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