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All Over Me

1997, D:Alex Sichel; S:Sylvia Sichel

A standout in the '97 Sundance competition was All Over Me, one of what seemed like countless coming-of-age dramas that year. It has an excellent performance by Alison Folland as a gawky adolescent growing up in a nasty NYC neighborhood (Hell's Kitchen), with all kinds of problems: her mom's got boyfriends trailing in and out of the apartment; people are getting shot in alleys across the street; and she's confused about her own sexuality she has a horrible crush on her best friend, a peroxide blonde waif with a drug-dealing boyfriend. Everyone will dwell on this movie's lesbian romance angle, but after the screening, scriptwriter Sylvia Sichel (director Alex Sichel's sister) said she "only wanted to write a story about two girls who were best friends." Then Alex Sichel said, "I wanted to do a movie about Riot Grrls." One of the most awkward moments I witnessed this year came when some idiot in the audience asked: "Did the actresses enjoy kissing each other?" The two sisters were dumbfounded for a few seconds, then looked over at their young actresses and said, "You don't have to answer that."

© 1997 Will Heyniger

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