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Thom Frederick-Bittner

In 1993 or thereabouts, I was at work in the middle of the night and heard -- could that be Radiohead!?! (circa "Creep" and "Anyone Can Play Guitar;" way before superstardom hit them) blasting from an office down the hall. I hadn't realized til then what non-conventional and interesting taste my hyphen-bedecked co-worker Thom had, but happily the intervening years have been full of swapped mix tapes and recommendations back and forth.
I'm tickled Thom took smidgeons of time from writing assorted video scripts and analyses to pen some pieces for us.

Will Henyniger

. . . agreed to let us feature some of us his film reviews, which have exactly the sort of irreverent, witty, and perceptive sensibility that makes me wish I'd written 'em. He attended Sundance in 1997.

Amy Lewis

. . . is the best editor a volunteer arts review zine could ever have. She's been making our content look and read better since 2003.

Doug Mayo-Wells

. . . thinks it's silly to write about himself in the third person. He wrote everything not specifically credited to someone else.

David Troen-Krasnow

. . . isn't just one of the most creative and musical drummers I've worked with, he's got one of the most sympatico record collections I've ever seen. His taste is eclectic, and the depth of his knowledge is impressive.


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